Sunil Gupta in Life-Blood, Bloomsbury Festival

October 17 – 21, 2018

Images from Gupta's "From Here to Eternity” will be featured in a group exhibition on "Activist Art" entitled Life-Blood as part of the Bloombury Festival.

Sunil Gupta on this body of work: "I made these works partly in response to a period of illness brought on by the HIV. I thought that it might be time to think about how the virus affects my life. I ended up with these six diptychs. They were made in the darkroom as straight forward negative positive prints. Printing one's work in the darkroom is still magical as opposed to the digital printing that has largely taken over. The process itself seemed therapeutic."

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The Crypt Gallery
Euston Road (Entrance Dukes's Road), London, NW1 2BA

Sunil Gupta,  Blood / Fort, From Here to Eternity

Sunil Gupta, Blood / Fort, From Here to Eternity