Closing the New York City Gallery Space

Since 2009, sepiaEYE has showcased a wide spectrum of 20th-century and contemporary photo-based works, installations, and videos, including over 50 exhibitions in New York City.

The theme of one of our shows, Rectangular Squares (2014) was about framing and focus in photography—as in life. It served as a strong testament to the thoughtful brilliance and talent of the artists of which we have had the honor to exhibit. 

And now it is time to reframe sepiaEYE.

In order to better support these visionary artists, we are refocusing our efforts and have closed our physical space in Chelsea. We will continue to curate, exhibit, and promote our gallery artists, along with new international projects underlining our commitment to the art of photography.

With much gratitude and appreciation to our artists, friends, collectors, curators, and public who have supported us over the years. We look forward to keeping you in our community as we embark on our next adventures.

Please continue to follow our projects and artists through our website,, social media, and email. 

Esa Epstein & the sepiaEYES:
Akemi Yoneyama, Sayuri Rupani-Hayes, Melanie Roberts, Yashna Kaul, Nandinee Phookan, Benedetta Buffetti, Efren Olivares, Sarah Goldberg & Russell Barsanti.

Beatrice Pediconi,  Still 2 from Black Gaea,  2018

Beatrice Pediconi, Still 2 from Black Gaea, 2018