b. 1963 Japan

The work of Yukio Oyama is one of tracks, traces, and exquisitely distilled moments, suspensions of time. Paramount in his images is an overwhelming sense of stillness and certainty, an innate feeling of completion and a sense that the heart has found its home.

Oyama’s photographs pose a delightful contradiction; the immutable stillness of each image is achieved through the photographer’s searching movement through the landscape and occasionally by interventions with nature—the concentric ripples in a lake from a flung pebble, tire tracks left behind on a snowy field. Just as movement leads to repose, each image of Yukio Oyama’s begins as an active thought and ends as a visual revelation.

“When I am standing in the middle of nowhere and letting time pass by, I pause, and notice the formations of chance and nature. These moments I record with light on photographic film. Each time, I feel as if I rediscovered something that I had lost or discarded long ago. Each image seeks its natural home. These pieces fill the empty spots in my heart, like a jigsaw puzzle mixed and formed anew. Merged and layered, they become as one.” —Yukio Oyama

Born in 1963 in Hokkaido, Japan, Yukio Oyama graduated from Nihon Shashin Gakuen [School of Photography] in 1994, where he also presently teaches. His work has been exhibited in the US and Japan.