b. 1954, England

Martin Brading invites the viewer into the extraordinary world of India through vibrant colors and rich symbols. In his series of work entitled India Inside Out, photographs of Indian and Nepali interiors and exteriors explore the transcendental nature of life there as well as celebrate the rich heritage of Eastern values and representations.

“By photographing interiors, (and sometimes exteriors — I see them both as spaces) usually without the people who created, inhabit, and occupy them, I feel like an archaeologist. I seek and record the marks of a culture and an age, where its icons, values, and understandings of existence are expressed through the arrangement of objects, lighting, and decoration.” — Martin Brading

Over the last 17 years Brading has spent two months a year traveling through India. His humorous, inquisitive eye has produced countless images that show the uncanny juxtapositions of modern day India with the trappings of the history that have shaped it. In Swami Shiv Cut Out, a religious icon peers down over his audience of black and white photographs between two awkward white ceiling fans, reminding us that history and religion are watching us at all times.

Brading was born in England and currently resides in Woodstock, NY. His many exhibitions include “Surrealism and Fashion” (V&A Museum, 1987), “PQ:100” (Woodstock, 2010), and SEPIA International exhibitions (2002, 2006, 2009). His works have been included in the following publications, The Art of Yoga, Categories of Indian Thought, and his current project, Hanuman: No Ordinary Monkey.