b. 1962 American

With a penchant for the vantage point which rarely and reluctantly remains parallel to the ground, the work of Katsumi Omura is both quick-sighted and decisive. Omura creates a distinct vision within an ouvre of diverse subject matter, including intimate architectural studies and an extended series on birds in flight. Omura’s process is equally unique using traditional printing methods but hand treating them with obvious scratches, color fusions and general wear so that they appear aged or similar to a found object to the viewer.

Gliding and weaving between the electric cables which form grids overhead, the birds in Omura’s sky series keenly echo his own high-wire approach to photographic image-making, articulated by the New Yorker as “…spare, calligraphic, and perfectly imbalanced” (2007).

“As you grow up, your eye level gets higher, and it seems to be different when you see something that you have already seen when you were a child. When I see things through my camera, bending my knees or standing on my toes to see one thing from different heights and different angles, there are particular spots to meet with something that I have been searching for. It may be a little piece of memory from my childhood, or a moment of déjà-vu.” —Katsumi Omura

Born in 1965 in Shizuoka, Japan, Omura graduated from the Osaka University of Arts in 1987. He has been included in numerous exhibitions in Japan, and was the recipient of the Japan Photographer’s Society Award, Grand Prize, in 1986.