b. 1937 England

Moore is best known for his portraiture as well as architectural and interior photographic work. His photographs have been reproduced in numerous magazines (including Architectural Digest, Mens Vogue, and Nest), and he has published over a dozen books, notably Evening Ragas, Notting Hill, A Gardener’s Life, Rooms, Inside The House of Lords, and In House.

“He captures the air and the space in a room, like a magician,” said Joseph Holtzman, the founding editor of Nest. “And he can capture surface like no one else. You can tell, looking at his photographs, if a chair is covered in silk velvet or wool velvet.”

Derry Moore was educated at Eton and Cambridge. He studied at Oskar Kokoschka’s School of Seeing in Salzburg where he was deeply moved by a book of Atget’s photographs and also by A Night in London, by photographer Bill Brandt. He later became Brandt’s pupil. This association greatly influenced Moore who began his professional career in 1971. In 2005, Moore’s insightful portraiture was the focus of a small retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery, London. He has photographed cultural icons John Gielgud, Rudolf Nureyev, Alan Bennett, and David Bowie amongst others.

In 1997, Moore published Evening Ragas, a hauntingly beautiful study of post-Raj India. Over the 100 photographs selected for the title, Moore alternates between rich, ornate interiors, revealing portraits and calm landscapes that sensitively record the charm, eccentricity and fading splendor of a post-colonial society.

Moore’s work is in many private collections. Institutional collections holding his work include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and The National Portrait Gallery, London.