b. 1972, Rome

“Allow yourself to see as if you were passing away as swiftly as the patterns that form on a wave. Allow yourself to see as if you never moved. Allow yourself to be temporary and timeless. As you are.” 
-Lyle Rexer, Brooklyn 2010
Independent curator, writer, Faculty Member, School of Visual Art, New York

Beatrice Pediconi’s video work and still images transport viewers into a serene, alternate universe.  Pediconi says “I have always been attracted by the temporary and timeless condition of our nature, by the ephemeral, contradictory and unpredictable reality around us and its inevitable consequence and evolution out of our control: Time itself is timeless? The big is small and vice versa? Joy and pain are related to each other? What is reality compared with illusion and fantasy? These are some of the themes that run through the last 10 years of my artist practice and which took me to use water as my primary medium instead of fixing paint permanently on a canvas or paper. The water allows me to draw ambiguous and illusionary images in movement and transition.”

The work of Beatrice Pediconi is charged with mystery and amazement, and the gesture she performs is no less capable of generation than attuned to capturing and accepting the unexpected: advance and retreat, action and perception.  Her work bears witness to the possibility of another form of painting: painting that “mutates” not on the canvas, but in water, and with results that the artist can only partly control. From the cycle of Subtle Bodies, texts written in ink of 2006, to the blue series of Untitled works of 2009, in which the artist made use of plaster and powders, and then to the Red works of 2011, where she carried out experiments with various organic materials, the artist’s encounter with the element of water—her immersion in the element of water—has continued to develop and grow ever more fertile. Her work aspires to couple the scientific observation of the behavior of materials and the capacity to reproduce them with a state of creative freedom in which the image is shifted onto planes of perception quite different from those to which traditional painting has accustomed us. Her praxis finds its basis in the fragility of vision and its transformation.

Beatrice Pediconi was born in Rome, in 1972, and studied in both Rome and Paris.  In 2010 she moved to New York, where she currently lives and works. Her studies in architecture led her to a passion for architectural photography, in which she was active in the years immediately following the attainment of her degree. At the same time she has undertaken an experimental artistic research that spins a gossamer network of dialog between chemistry, physics, mathematics, music, photography, video and installation, within a highly individual approach to painting.  Her installation 9”/Unlimited was shown in 2014 as a solo exhibition at the Collezionne Maramotti in Rome. Untitled, 2015 is currently on view in Arles as part of the exhibition “Together, photography: The collections of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Ensembles, la photographie: quand la Maison Européenne de la Photographie collectionne).  The work has been published by Actes Sud as part of the 424 page exhibition catalog titled, Une Collection: Maison Européenne de la Photographie.  Additional publications include RED (De Luca Editori D’Arte, Rome, 2011) and No Trace (Contrasto due Srl, Rome, 2011).